Decarbonisation technologies

On-site renewables and energy efficiency

Focused on achieving highly efficient operations and secure energy supply, Energetics unlocks new cost savings, drives emissions reductions and delivers significant productivity improvements.

Site assessment and opportunity identification: Energetics provides impartial advice as we identify opportunities for businesses to achieve energy savings. With no ties to any equipment supplier, we recommend the best technology solutions and source financing deals that meet your business goals.

Energy audits: Energetics’ approach to energy auditing has been developed over 35 years working with Australia’s largest energy users. We have a range of proprietary tools and audit processes which are best practice and align to energy auditing standards.

On-site renewable energy generation: As the economics of on-site power swing in favour of renewable energy options, our experts can size, scope and develop robust business cases to ensure that any investment is backed by sound analysis and delivers broader productivity benefits.

Energy and emissions monitoring and analysis: With  Australia's largest team of Certified Energy Managers and IPMVP-qualified consultants, Energetics' analysis of energy usage and emissions levels verifies achievements for a range of reporting requirements, enables anomalies to be identified and addressed, and provides insights for cost reduction opportunities.

Business case development: Developing a business case for an energy project requires impartial advice. Energetics is independent and does not represent any technology supplier.  We adopt a holistic approach that considers your business’ broader goals and risk profile. We also ensure that any productivity benefits achievable through energy projects are quantified in a business case, such as reduced maintenance and labour costs, increases in production volume and product quality. 

Project implementation and program management: Supporting the delivery of efficiency programs and on site generation projects, Energetics offers an end-to-end managed approach.  We use cost curve analysis to assess projects and their timing, determine optimal financing arrangements and ensure return on investment.  Unlike other energy consultants, Energetics is independent, engaging with multiple technology suppliers to deliver the best outcome for your business. 

Energy efficiency certificate creation (NSW ESCs, VEET): With more than 35 years’ experience in energy management and efficiency opportunity identification, Energetics has supported iconic businesses such as Woolworths and Qantas in the creation of accurate, verifiable applications for certificate creation under a variety of state government schemes.

Measurement, verification and benchmarking: Energetics has Australia's largest team of Certified Energy  Managers and IPMVP qualified consultants. We verify the savings achieved through energy projects and provide insights to evolve strategic energy management programs to ensure that targets are met, risks are managed and costs driven down.  With our insights, Energetics' experts can advise as to whether performance guarantees are being met - holding suppliers and installers to account.

Why Energetics?

Energetics specialises in bringing together different aspects of energy management and project implementation into a strategic program. Our team of skilled Certified Energy Managers (CEMs) and auditors apply our proven audit methodology, developed and refined over 35 years. We will target areas for investigation prior to engaging in the audit process to maximise value.

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