Joshua Gardner

Position: Manager

A public policy specialist with a background in chemical engineering, Josh joined Energetics from a senior role with the New York-based C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. At C40 he managed a team of emissions-intensive sector specialists to drive operational excellence and quality assurance for C40's Global Initiatives department. He led multiple strategy development projects, engaging stakeholders from city governments, NGOs and the business community to set emissions reduction targets and action pathways. These projects spanned transport, waste, buildings, energy and air quality and included stakeholders with widely varying drivers.

Josh was the project driver for the policy and synergies chapters of the City of Melbourne’s Resilient Melbourne Strategy as a part of the global Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities initiative. He managed stakeholders from government, NGOs, industry and academic institutions to gain high quality inputs for crafting the strategy. Over his career, he has delivered carbon and energy advisory services, conducted climate change adaptation and policy research, developed environmental performance metrics and provided assurance and benchmarking services to support corporations in their sustainability reporting.