Dr Nick Wood

Position: Climate Risk Expert

Dr Nick Wood is an Associate at Energetics and member of the Stakeholder Advisory Group of the Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub (part of the Commonwealth National Environmental Science Program). Nick has a strong track record of providing pragmatic and concise research and analysis of the complex risks that arise from the evolution of climate policy at a national and global level.

Nick’s background in scientific research (nuclear reactor technology and atmospheric chemistry) provides him with the ability to understand the most complex aspects of policy development; he combines this with professional curiosity to engage with new and difficult issues. The principle at the core of Nick’s approach is that the challenge of climate change is a financial problem; one of resource allocation, valuation and risk transfer.

Nick’s previous work has encompassed a wide range of services, including:

  • the detailed analysis of physical climate impacts to agriculture
  • the mapping of information sources and national level capabilities on extreme climate events
  • analysis of price discovery factors in emission trading markets and simulation of carbon exchanges
  • the design of policy mechanisms for emission trading for national governments
  • the development of carbon management and trading capabilities in a wide range of businesses.

Over the last 18 years he has assisted the leadership teams in global businesses and key decision makers in governments to understand and manage the risks and opportunities associated with both the physical risks of climate change and the introduction of market-based mechanisms into national and regional economies (UK, Europe, New Zealand and Australia).