Dr Gordon Weiss

Position: Associate

Dr Gordon Weiss has been a Principal Consultant and Associate for more than 15 years with Energetics. He is also an Honorary Associate with the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Sydney University.

Gordon’s particular expertise lies in energy and carbon policy development, renewable energy technologies and energy management in the resources sector. He has worked with a number of governments on the development of energy and greenhouse gas programs and policies, and is arguably one of Australia’s leading forecasters of emissions reduction trajectories.

Gordon provides technical assessments for a variety of clean energy technologies including large scale solar PV, bioenergy and geothermal energy. Since joining Energetics he has worked in all areas of energy management, process improvement and greenhouse management, with a prime focus on delivering savings to clients by aligning operating systems with manufacturing strategies. Gordon’s experience with private sector has included energy assessments of large facilities in the resource sector, including upstream oil and gas, iron ore mining, coal mining, underground metal ore mining, and minerals processing (alumina, lead and zinc, iron and steel, manganese).

Gordon has a PhD in Chemical Engineering and is a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IchemE) in Australia, having been on the Board for the past seven years. For 12 months he was on the IchemE’s Global Council. He chaired the Steering Group for the Warren Centre’s Industrial Energy Efficiency Project and is on the Standards Australia EM001 Energy Auditing Technical Panel.