Anita Stadler

Position: Associate
Anita has more than 20 years’ experience in energy, banking and management consulting. Prior to joining Energetics in 2011, she held positions with Barclays (Head: Insight, Planning and Value Optimisation across all African operations), IBM and PwC. Anita is passionate about working with both private and public sector organisations in shaping effective responses to market trends and dynamics, whilst improving the energy and environmental performance of businesses and the economy. Her approach is based on a commitment to stakeholder engagement and informed by evidence based analysis.
Anita's areas of expertise include corporate, as well as energy-specific strategy and planning, technical and commercial due diligence of large scale renewable energy projects, market and policy research, performance analytics, financial modelling, facilitation, as well as energy efficiency financing.
Among Anita's numerous achievements she was also seconded, on a part time basis, to the Australian Alliance to Save Energy (A2SE) to lead the research program for the A2SE Doubling Energy Productivity (2xEP) Roadmap.