Roger Horwood

Industrial Expert
New South Wales
Cammeraygal Country

Roger has over 35+ years’ experience in energy and other areas of sustainability management. Since joining Energetics 30+ years ago as regional manager Victoria, he has conducted and managed hundreds of energy and greenhouse projects and studies, travelled overseas to train and deliver energy management diagnostics, managed several offices and assisted in business development in Australia, the US and Asia.

Roger has spent several years on the development and sales of tools and support services for software applications. He assisted in Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) pilot programs and conducted a wide range of EEO assessments across Australia. He now leads projects and mentors staff working in the industrial sector on the implementation of energy and resource efficiency projects. These include cogeneration, compressed air and refrigeration upgrades and the development of continuous improvement programs for major customers including a wide range of food manufacturing groups.

Roger Horwood celebrates 35 years with Energetics


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