July 2023
July 2023

The Federal Government under Prime Minister Albanese has announced that they will deliver on their election commitment to enshrine an Indigenous Voice to Parliament in the Australian Constitution. Requiring the majority of Australians to agree, the Government will hold a referendum that will take place before the end of 2023.

What is the Voice?

The Voice would be an independent body representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, providing a permanent way for First Nations peoples to advise parliament on matters that affect them. It is advisory and does not have the power to override government. Details on how it will operate will be finalised after a successful referendum.

Energetics supports the Voice to Parliament - because it’s the right thing to do

At Energetics we envision a future where the cultures, histories, rights, and voices of First Nations peoples are heard and respected. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have a unique role to play in the life of Australia and we believe that the Australian Constitution should recognise that role across the breadth of responsibilities held by the Federal Government. The Voice will bring First Nations peoples’ diverse knowledge, experiences, and perspectives to Parliament so that legislation developed will be better informed.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples also face complex issues that cannot be solved overnight, and for the Voice to be successful, it needs long-term security. Enshrining the Voice in the Australian Constitution will ensure that no matter which party is in government, there will be a permanent body representing First Nations peoples that cannot be abolished.

We’re hopeful that a successful referendum will empower First Nations peoples and help build a more inclusive Australia.

How are we supporting this movement?

Energetics is committed to helping our people learn more about the Voice and its importance, so our team can make an informed decision when voting.

Our 2023 ‘Reflect’ Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) has been given conditional approval by Reconciliation Australia. As we implement our Reflect RAP, we hope to build formal relationships and partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and take deliberate steps to continue our reconciliation journey. We will continue to seek and take opportunities to grow our knowledge, be aware and show respect, and support First Nations peoples and enterprises.