Energetics at the Australian Sustainability Conference and Exhibition

Australia’s largest sustainability event, the second annual Australian Sustainability Conference and Exhibition, has launched and will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre 9 to 10 October 2013.

We’ll be participating in the following sessions and look forward to meeting you there.

  • Jonathan Jutsen, Executive Director & Founder of Energetics, will speak in the session titled ‘Greening the Blueprint: Exploring the building blocks needed to realise long-term ROI in sustainability’.
  • Dr Peter Holt, Principal Consultant and head of Carbon Strategy, will chair a session on Day 1 titled ‘Security Alert! Understanding the dynamics of the Energy, Food & Water Nexus and managing these links within your business’

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Just announced - In his first national address on the Abbott Government's Environment Agenda, Mr Hunt will speak to the theme of this year's conference of Turning Vision to Action. 

The multi-streamed Australian Sustainability conference program brings together business and industry professionals, and strategic leaders, who are spearheading sustainability practice and innovations.

The program will cover sectors such as technology, water and energy efficiency, management and ethics, resource management, ethical investment, business practice and strategy, up-skilling workforces and international innovative practice. Australian Sustainability, which is the largest of its kind in Australia this year, will see both Australian and international leaders join in two-days of ground-breaking panel discussions and a range of learning and information sharing opportunities..

This event provides a unique opportunity for Australian businesses and government to showcase their leading sustainability efforts and to learn from others who have successfully adapted sustainability strategies within their industry sector.

The exhibition expects to showcase a diverse range of organisations, products and enterprises over the two days.

Online registration is now open.  Visit www.australiansustainability.com.au for more information.

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