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10 Jul 2011Archived News Climate Change Matters

The Carbon Farming Initiative enables you to acquit up to 5% of your liability through the purchase of Australian carbon credit units.

Action on the land

  • A carbon price will not apply to agricultural emissions.
  • No requirements for farmers to pay for emissions from livestock or fertiliser use.
  • The Carbon Farming Initiative will create economic rewards for farmers and land managers who reduce pollution or store carbon in the landscape.
  • An ongoing Biodiversity Fund of $946M over six years for restoration and protection of biodiverse carbon stores.
  • An ongoing Carbon Farming Futures program of $429M over the first six years for research, developing estimation methodologies, action on the ground, and extension and outreach.

Carbon Farming Initiative credits up to 5% of your liability

Kyoto-compliant credits created under the Carbon Farming Initiative can be used for compliance under the carbon pricing mechanism subject to a 5% limit in the fixed price period.

  • All credits can be sold in the domestic voluntary market or exported to foreign purchasers.
  • Enables you to acquit up to 5% of your liability through the purchase of Australian carbon credits units (ACCU).
  • The purchase of high quality offsets demonstrates clear commitment by your business to Australian offset creators. This combines carbon storage capacity with sustainability and biodiversity benefits.
  • Eligible units will be bankable for future use. These units will be able to be exported during both the fixed price period and flexible price period.
  • Participation in the Carbon Farming Initiative provides clear brand, marketing, reputation and commercial benefits.

Energetics will be analysing the opportunities for Australian carbon markets in more detail. 

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