Sydney Water Every Drop Counts - Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA)

For over five years Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) has embedded the principles of the One2Five Water management diagnostic into its processes.

Key Facts

Client: Coca- Cola Amatil
Location: New South Wales
Industry: Beverage Tobacco Prod. Manufacturing
Project: Sydney Water Every Drop Counts
Lead consultant: Mike Jones


It is now reaping the rewards as the first manufacturing company in the Every Drop Counts (EDC) Business Program to achieve a 5-star rating.

In its first diagnostic in 2003, CCA scored 2 stars. The diagnostic and a Water Efficiency Audit completed
on CCA’s NSW manufacturing sites, provided a detailed explanation of water use and identified a number of key water saving projects.

Leadership in water efficiency is pivotal to CCA’s success. With over a dozen water efficiency projects
identified, CCA made its employees responsible for seeing each project through. To keep on track, presentations were made at monthly meetings to show progress towards targets.

To better understand its processes, CCA benchmarked across its product line. CCA produces more than 500 products including Coke, juice, sports drinks, water and more. Through the benchmarking program, CCA set up KPI targets and compared results on local, state, national and international levels. With help from the EDC Program, CCA’s operations at Northmead has risen to a consistent number 1 in CCA KPI ratings and is setting the standard for Coca-Cola on a global level.

A healthy sense of competition and a passion to be the best at each level adds to the drive for water
efficiency. CCA’s staff are motivated to continuously look for water savings in all that they do. They are
educated in a hands-on style as was seen at the recent NSW Business Launch Day, and work towards targets.

"Coke’s continued focus is to encourage involvement at all levels of the organisation to achieve water reduction targets”, NSW Environment Manager for CCA, said. “The EDC Program provided an excellent framework to assess our water management systems and to integrate sustainable practices into our business."

The rise from the early 2-star result to a 5-star rating took a big effort from many people and relied on
these simple principles:

  • Understand your water use.
  • Set benchmarks and KPI targets.
  • Assign enough human and financial resources to water projects.
  • Constantly track and review progress.
  • Embed water saving processes into policies and systems.

Good water management has become a normal function of everyday business for CCA’s staff.
Even though CCA has reached 5 stars, the company remains environmentally focused, particularly in building its new High Bay Warehouse (HBW) at Northmead. CCA hired an ecologically sustainable development consultant to look at areas where water efficiency could be achieved.

An exciting water project is using the warehouse’s massive roof area to run a stormwater harvesting scheme. The water captured will be diverted to two huge underground storage tanks totalling 1.87 million litres. This water will be used on site to replace drinking water in certain processes such as flushing toilets, and will support the local community by irrigating a council park.

With new developments and a constantly expanding product range, there are many challenges ahead for CCA. However, with the 5-star rated system in place, CCA is confident water efficiency is one challenge it will continue to meet head on.

Source: WSAA Occasional Paper No.23 - Case studies in commercial and industrial water savings