About Energetics

Founded in 1984, Energetics has grown from a domestic engineering business providing energy audits, to a management consultancy offering energy, carbon and sustainability advisory services to ASX 200 companies.

As a specialist energy and climate change consultancy we are unique in the marketplace. 

Our advice combines:

   -  commercial insights gained from working across all sectors of the economy
   -  deep technical knowledge
   -  a detailed understanding of the government policies and regulations that shape Australia’s response to climate change and energy supply.

Energetics' clients benefit from our ability to see how an energy and carbon constrained economy presents both risks and opportunities. 

We can help Australian businesses prepare for changes in the market years ahead of their competitors.

Over the past three decades Energetics has advised some of Australia’s largest energy users across sectors including infrastructure, food and manufacturing, retail, government, mining and metals, oil and gas, power, retail, water and waste, and transport. Energetics has worked on iconic projects such as Woolworths’ 10 year sustainability journey, Sydney Water’s innovative Renewable Energy Generation Program generating power from sewage outflow and most recently, designing many of the project methodologies for the Federal Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund.

As a carbon neutral business, Energetics is proud to say that we practice what we preach.