About Energetics

Energetics has 30 years experience in carbon and energy management working with large, complex, multi-site energy users spanning a wide range of economic sectors.  

As advisers on the challenges of escalating energy costs and managing carbon emissions, Energetics is unique.  Our services and products combine business insight with technical and project management excellence, and range from strategic advice to developing new business opportunities,  skills development, managing risk and building investor confidence.    

We employ around 100 multi-disciplinary professionals many of whom are thought leaders in resource management. Our clients achieve improved business metrics and decreased carbon and water footprints which reduce their exposure to energy and carbon price volatility.

Energetics has  offices in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney and we can mobilise project teams within metropolitan and regional Australia, and overseas when required.

Increasingly, Energetics’ uniqueness can be seen as the needs of Australian businesses change with the price on carbon.  ASX and ACCC scrutiny of the management of the impact of the carbon price has drawn the attention of executives and Boards alike.  Energetics’ complements the work of external auditors and verifiers such as the large accounting and legal practices, because we provide the missing information.  For Energetics, carbon accounting and auditing is core business: we understand carbon management from process fundamentals to business implications and have demonstrated experience with Australia's Top 200.

Energetics is a proud to be a carbon neutral company. We are uniquely positioned to represent and advise government and the private sector on the full range of climate change issues. We support our clients from the assessment of their exposure to climate change risk, through to the development and implementation of management strategies that also identify and capitalise on opportunities.

Energetics holds an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL # 329935).