CEFC: Distributed energy in the property sector: today’s opportunities

Date September 2018

Commissioned by the CEFC and PCA and written / designed by Energetics, Distributed energy in the property sector – today’s opportunities, has been launched to help energy users understand the features, applications and payback periods of nine different technology types including solar PV, heat pumps, thermal storage and batteries.

Some of the findings highlighted by the CEFC include:

  • While investment costs for large-scale commercial and retail properties can exceed $100,000, in the case of solar PV the payback period is four years.
  • The highest upfront investment costs, potentially more than $500,000, included thermal storage installations for commercial, retail and industrial buildings, can substantially reduce exposure to peak electricity prices. The payback period of 15 years or less complements the relatively long lives of these large-scale and complex structures.