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Energy makes up a significant percentage of operating costs for many businesses. Over the past decade as the cost of energy in Australia has steadily increased, there has been considerable focus on improving the efficiency of energy usage to drive down costs.

A focus on energy productivity identifies ways to “increase the economic value added per unit of energy used and dollar of energy spent” (Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity and Energetics, 2015). Unlocking this potential value for Australian business was most recently recognised as a priority in the Department of Industry and Science’s Energy White Paper, which identified energy productivity as one of its three major themes.

Opportunities across sectors

Read the comprehensive research on the energy productivity opportunities to be found across the major sectors of the Australian economy.  Energetics’ Anita Stadler was seconded to A2EP (formerly A2SE – the Australian Alliance to Save Energy) as Head of Research and led the development of these insights. 



  • 2xeppng
    2xEP and the National Energy Productivity Plan
    Issued: June 2015

    The Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity (A2EP) (formerly A2SE – the Australian Alliance to Save Energy) developed an Australian Energy Productivity Roadmap. The 2xEP program sets a course for doubling energy productivity by 2030 (from a 2010 base year).

    The National Energy Productivity Plan (NEPP) was signed off by the CoAG Energy Council in December 2015. A2EP and the 2xEP program contributed to development of the NEPP through written submissions and verbal briefings. 

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