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Energy makes up a significant percentage of operating costs for many businesses. Over the past decade as the cost of energy in Australia has steadily increased, there has been considerable focus on improving the efficiency of energy usage to drive down costs.

A focus on energy productivity identifies ways to “increase the economic value added per unit of energy used and dollar of energy spent” (Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity [A2EP] and Energetics, 2015).

Opportunities across sectors

Read the comprehensive research on the energy productivity opportunities to be found across the major sectors of the Australian economy.  Energetics’ Anita Stadler was seconded to A2EP as Head of Research and led the development of these insights. 



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    Transforming Energy Productivity in Manufacturing
    Issued: July 2018

    As part of its mission to double Australia’s energy productivity, the Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity (A2EP) has developed a number of roadmaps and reports to assist industry and business to plan and implement changes that will deliver energy, emission and cost savings, as well as productivity and other non-energy related benefits.

    The Transforming Energy Productivity in Manufacturing report investigates the opportunities and benefits of substantially improve energy productivity in manufacturing through applying flexible, intelligent, connected equipment and practices associated with ‘Industry 4.0’ and modern manufacturing.

    Click here to the A2EP Transforming Energy Productivity in Manufacturing report.