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Conversations with energy and climate experts

As Australian business navigates the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Energetics helps you stay in touch with developments in energy and climate risk management.

Our experts discuss issues that relate directly to the impact of COVID-19 on our energy markets and the renewable energy industry in Australia. We will look at energy and climate strategies in the context of post-COVID-19 economic recovery and, taking both short and long term views, the increasing imperative to manage the risks associated with climate change.  

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Episode 1: COVID-19 and its impacts on energy markets

COVID-19 is causing unprecedented upheaval across the Australian economy and the effects are being felt in electricity and gas markets. Should we see an economic downturn impacting exchange rates and the debt markets, there could be flow on effects for the price of dispatchable capacity. There are also questions around the broader investment pipeline for new generation assets in the private sector.

For large energy users there is a range of risk management strategies that can be tailored to individual circumstances. Our experts will discuss the issues and the options available to business.

Featuring: Gilles Walgenwitz, General Manager, Energy and Carbon Markets and Alister Alford, Principal Consultant

Our host: Andrew Tipping, General Manager, Clients and Business Development


Episode 2: COVID-19 and its impacts on Australia's renewable energy markets

Energetics reflects on the forces that shaped the renewable energy market in 2019 and, with the impact of COVID-19, the risks that are arising for both project developers and offtakers. For corporates negotiating or considering a renewable power purchase agreement, experts Anita Stadler and Mark Asbjerg emphasise the importance of contract design, risk mitigation measures and keeping a focus on the objectives that drove consideration of a renewable PPA; remembering that they are a long term play. With a thorough, risk managed approach, a renewable PPA remains a tool which offers a long term hedge against energy market price risk and the achievement of emissions reduction goals.

Featuring: Anita Stadler, Associate and Mark Asbjerg, Senior Manager

Our host: Andrew Tipping, General Manager, Clients and Business Development


Episode 3: Global climate negotiations, climate action and the impact of COVID-19

In this episode, Dr Mary Stewart and Andrew Petersen share their insights on the status of global climate negotiations. We hear not only about the impact of COVID-19 on the progress of work and decision-making, but also what the pandemic may mean for global climate action when the world rebuilds.

Featuring: Dr Mary Stewart, CEO - Energetics and Andrew Petersen, CEO - BCSD-A

Our host: Dr Peter Holt, General Manager, Strategy and Policy


Episode 4: Managing climate risks in 2020 – how are businesses responding?

With the upheaval created by the COVID-19 pandemic, Australian businesses have been consumed by the need to respond and swiftly adapt to the new conditions that were so dramatically forced upon them. Yet despite these immense challenges, it is clear that leading businesses have retained a focus on developing a response to the growing risks presented by climate change – brought into sharp focus by the very recent, devastating fire season.

In this episode Energetics’ discusses the two elements of climate management: transitional risks and physical risks. We consider the value that is being created as businesses increasingly become aware of the need to integrate their climate response into their overall business strategy and vision for the future.

Featuring: Dr Nick Wood, Associate and Sally Cook, Principal Consultant

Our host: Dr Peter Holt, General Manager, Strategy and Policy


Episode 5: Australia’s emissions reduction challenge in a post COVID-19 recovery

There is much discussion around ‘building back better’ and supporting the decarbonisation of Australia’s economy as we recover from the COVID-19 shock.

In this episode, Energetics examines both Australia’s track record of emissions reductions and where the opportunities lie for future abatement; from the expansion of renewable energy, to electric vehicles, electrification, and the application of hydrogen technologies.

Featuring: Dr Peter Holt, General Manager, Strategy and Policy and Dr Gordon Weiss, Associate


Episode 6: AMP Capital - unlocking value with a commitment to net zero emissions 

In this episode, special guest Chris Nunn, Head of Sustainability for AMP Capital, Real Estate discusses net zero emissions with Enegetics' Matt Sprague. Chris provides insights into the decision to pursue a net zero emissions target and the pathway to achieving this ambition. He describes the value in driving energy efficiency, securing renewable electricity and the co-benefits that can be created by taking a strategic approach to procuring offsets. AMP Capital will not only offset residual emissions, their vision is to play their part in supporting the restoration of Australia’s biodiversity

Featuring: Matt Sprague, Senior Manager - Energetics and Chris Nunn, Head of Sustainability - AMP Capital, Real Estate

Our host: Jamie Ayers, Associate - Energetics

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