Dr Ghislaine Platell

Senior Manager
Western Australia
Whadjuk Nyoongar Country

As a climate risk and resilience expert at Energetics, Ghislaine has assisted some of Australia’s largest companies and government agencies to adapt to climate change. Ghislaine supports clients in fulfilling reporting obligations and aspirations, understanding and measuring exposure and vulnerability to climate risks throughout their value chain and devising effective climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies. Ultimately, she promotes the development of transparent and impactful disclosure, backed by tangible, measurable action.

Her background in environmental microbiology has led her to become a driven and diligent researcher who strives to help decision makers adapt and contribute to a more sustainable future. She applies her research skills to project delivery and quality assurance, ensuring the team is leveraging robust sources, applying credible approaches and drawing out decision useful insights while acknowledging any limitations. Ghislaine is passionate about fostering stakeholder buy-in and a two-way exchange of knowledge, recognising that collaborative efforts pave the way for the most impactful and enduring solutions.

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