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Increasing scrutiny of climate risk management strategies demands expert reporting across mandatory and voluntary schemes.  With experience working for large, complex multi-site businesses across all sectors of the economy,  Energetics ensures that your reports add value to your business' brand and reputation.

NGER reporting: Energetics has worked with 80% of companies reporting under NGER. We specialise in supporting organisations with large, complex inventories to develop accurate, verifiable reports based on robust data sets.   With knowledge built over 30 years of working across all sectors of the economy, Energetics can assist liable entities with their obligations under the Safeguard Mechanism as defined by their baselines calculated with NGER data. 

NPI reporting: Energetics has assisted with the compilation of over 200 NPI inventories.  Our unique NPI tool simplifies the data collection and calculation processes, and uploads information accurately into a report template.  We ensure that all requirements are met and that the data is robust and verifiable to give you confidence in your NPI report as part of your organisation's suite of risk management and disclosure activities.

Sustainability reporting: Working across the range of voluntary reporting programs from CDP, GRESB to ESG reports that are GRI G4 compliant, as well as environmental management systems (ISO14001 aligned), Energetics' advisers bring more than 30 years reporting experience.  We understand the importance of getting the fundamentals right:  accurate data sets, robust materiality assessments and thorough stakeholder engagement processes to provide confidence in the integrity of your reports and risk management approach.   

Energy and greenhouse program audits: With more than 30 years' experience across all sectors of the economy, Energetics' auditors assess large, complex inventories and Higher Order Methods to provide an independent opinion of the level of compliance. 

ACCU creation: ACCUs will have increasing value as Australia looks to fulfil its emissions reduction targets under the Paris climate agreement. With more than 30 years’ experience advising ASX200 and all levels of Australian governments on carbon and energy management, Energetics supports large emitting businesses to accurately and efficiently assess opportunities, prepare applications for the creation of carbon credits, and ensure ongoing compliance with records of reductions achieved. 

Carbon footprinting and Life Cycle Assessments: Understanding where your carbon liabilities lie across your products, services and operations, informs your climate change response.  With some of Australia's leading Life Cycle Assessment practitioners and more than 30 years advising ASX 200 companies, Energetics develops robust, audit-quality carbon profiles and LCAs for businesses across all sectors of the economy. 

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