Energy accounting

Energy contracting, forecasting and budgeting has become increasingly complex. Our energy accountants manage your energy spend, interrogate data and deliver accurate, insightful reports.

Bill validation and energy retailer management: Through expert management of your energy accounts and strong relationships with energy retailers, we contain costs, proactively address billing anomalies and identify opportunities to improve energy performance across your operations. 

Sustainability data management: Disclosure of carbon liabilities and reduction strategies has never been more important with scrutiny growing from government, investors, the ASX and activist groups.  We ensure that your data is complete and accurate to give you confidence in the integrity of your reports and risk management approach.

Operational energy monitoring and optimisation: Energetics' energy specialists help your business understand how energy is being used so that you can take corrective actions, identify energy savings opportunities and report with confidence.

Metering and sub metering: Energetics' cost effective on-bill metering service integrates with your data management platform to help you confidently manage and report this significant operating cost.

Budgeting and forecasting: With more than 30 years’ experience in energy consulting, Energetics leverages utility data to accurately inform the development of your energy budget.

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