Oil and gas

Oil and gas companies are under increasing scrutiny from institutional investors and shareholders which require disclosure of climate change-related financial risks. Of particular concern is the changing outlook for oil and gas products as nations commit to low carbon energy solutions. In seeking to set a future direction and strategic response, governance arrangements and a scenario-based planning approach is needed to understand the full impact of climate issues on the business’ risk profile. 

In Australia which is experiencing a transition away from coal fired power generation, gas companies need to assess the potential role gas can play to support variable forms of renewable energy generation.

How we can help

  • Carbon strategy - based on commercial and technical understanding, a strategic trajectory can be established recognising current trends, accounting for future risks and opportunities, whilst always considering business priorities
  • Carbon data systems - we can support you with the development of in-house systems that meet NGER compliance requirements, ensuring accurate data flows from field metering, through control systems, process historians and into greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories
  • Carbon abatement investment decision making - using Marginal Abatement Cost Curves (MACC), detailed recommendations aim to minimise carbon emissions while also reducing risks associated with poor investment decisions
  • Climate-efficient design - we will help you to design projects to withstand future energy and carbon price shocks.

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