The Paris Climate Agreement was celebrated for the number of countries signing at COP21 and the swift pace of ratification domestically. Australia’s 2030 target and commitment under the Paris Agreement will be delivered largely through the energy sector as demonstrated through Energetics’ modelling. With costs of large scale renewable energy falling, the task before the Federal and state governments is one of developing a pathway for the decarbonisation of energy generation together with a reduction in overall energy demand.

There is also a considerable opportunity to develop Australia’s marginal land for the generation of carbon offset units that may prove to hold considerable value in the domestic and international carbon markets of the future.

Energetics’ has worked with Ministerial offices through to a vast array of individual government agencies on projects ranging from policy development, review and implementation, through to energy procurement, and energy and carbon strategy and reporting.

How we can help

  • Renewable energy buying programs and reverse auctions
  • Provide policy shaping advice and expertise
  • Develop and implement new policies and programs
  • Undertake energy and carbon modelling and forecasting
  • Deliver verification, assurance and measurement
  • Perform demand management and energy efficiency analysis
  • Develop carbon reduction and energy management strategies and systems
  • Undertake renewable energy, co-generation and tri-generation studies
  • Develop and deliver training services and decision support information and tools
  • Provide stakeholder engagement services
  • Undertake regulatory impact analysis
  • Access various federal and state government assistance programs.

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