Simplot Australia

Project: Leading the way in energy efficiency in food manufacturing

Date: Since 1999

Simplot Australia is a leading food manufacturer with an award winning, national focus on energy efficiency. Energetics has been a technical advisor to Simplot Australia throughout their energy management journey. From energy procurement to data management and reporting, through to efficiency project identification and implementation, Energetics has provided expert guidance every step of the way.


Simplot Australia is one of Australia's largest food manufacturers, with brands including Leggo's, Edgell, Birds Eye, Harvest, John West and Lean Cuisine. They have three manufacturing facilities as well as state sales offices located across the country that employ 2500 people.

Initially engaged for energy accounting and procurement, Simplot realised the benefits of a holistic range of services from a consultancy with a detailed knowledge of the business. With Energetics’ Key Account Manager, Roger Horwood, Simplot began their energy efficiency journey. As National Environment manager, Graham Bryant said, "Roger brings into our business a wealth of external experience in all things energy. He supports our coordination on energy efficiency; he is able to provide technical advice through the Energetics’ team on a wide range of technologies as we require information and support”.


Since 1999, the changes within Simplot have been monumental. Simplot has gone from a company with site-by-site energy contracts to a business that reports energy use on a daily, weekly and monthly basis with some sites being able to monitor real time energy use and others working to do likewise.

Simplot values excellence in energy management as a source of competitive advantage. They are widely acknowledged as a leader in energy productivity and have achieved local and global recognition, receiving awards for excellence in energy, sustainability and operational management.

Driven from the leadership team, continuous improvement in energy efficiency is required across Simplot Australia’s culture, processes, systems, communications and training programs.

In support of Simplot Australia’s national energy efficiency strategy, Energetics has been involved with:

  • energy procurement contract negotiation and market advice
  • energy accounting services including bill checking for all energy, water and waste bills
  • energy audits and assessments for all major plants and head office
  • National Pollutant Inventory and National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting
  • technical project development
  • management systems diagnostics and on-going expert support
  • carbon strategy and supply chain impact reviews
  • sustainability data collection and web based reporting services.

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  • 2016 Association of Energy Engineers Regional Awards - Oceania Region
  • 2015 Association of Energy Engineers Regional Awards - Oceania Region
  • 2014 National Energy Efficiency Awards –Graham Bryant, highly commended, Energy Efficiency Champion
  • 2014 National Energy Efficiency Awards – highly commended, Leading Energy User

“Energetics understands our culture and our processes, saving us much time as we move from one activity to another” - Graham Bryant, National Environment Manager