Project: Energy and sustainability advisor for more than 10 years

Date: Since 2006

Qantas has grown to be Australia's largest domestic and international airline. Qantas is widely regarded as the world's leading long distance airline and one of the strongest brands in Australia. Energetics has provided a range of energy and carbon management approaches for more than 10 years to drive cost reductions and support the achievement of sustainability objectives.


Over the past decade, Energetics has provided a broad range of services to this iconic Australian business. We have:

  • advised on the business’ strategy including energy, water and waste initiatives to meet sustainability objectives
  • ran capacity building and training, leadership engagement, workshops and communication
  • conducted big data analytics for corporate HQ, hangers and terminals
  • undertook aviation fuel analytics for the creation of carbon credits (ACCUs)
  • provided extensive energy management support across the property portfolio
  • lighting and HVAC upgrades, NABERS ratings, business case development for a tri-generation unit, compressed air and voltage optimisation
  • Energetics sources all of our offsets through Qantas’ ‘Future Planet’ offset program.


Energy accounting services

Across 250 sites, Energetics provides bill validation and payment files, enterprise energy and sustainability reporting, energy performance management, tariff reviews, budgeting and compliance reporting for electricity, gas, water and waste bills.

Through Energetics’ energy accounting services, Qantas is able to realise savings, optimise cash flow and track their environmental performance. In addition, the data is used to identify energy and waste savings opportunities and drive environmental initiatives. This has resulted in savings from billing errors > $900,000 per year. Active management of utility billing helps Qantas budget and accrue for spending to optimise their cash flow.

Energy cost savings drive

As part of Qantas’ $2 billion Transformation Project, Energetics helped reduce operating costs with energy savings projects and improvements to management systems and processes. Our work has included:

  • conducting audits at large maintenance facilities and hangars
  • running workshops to assess the project life cycle from opportunity identification, business case development, risk assessment, through to funding approval and implementation
  • facilitating project implementation of technologies from voltage optimisation, lighting upgrades and controls, HVAC optimisation, refrigeration systems, power factor correction, building energy system tuning and behaviour change, capacity building and training
  • performing M&V on completed projects to verify the energy savings achieved
  • managing the installation of metering across Qantas’ property portfolio
  • supporting the development of an application for >$1m in government funding.