Minjar Gold

Project: Environmental reporting and compliance advisors

Date: July 2019

Minjar Gold is an emerging gold producer with operations in Western Australia and Queensland. Their largest operation, located in Southern Cross in the Western Australian wheat belt is made up of exploration activities, open cut and underground mines and the Marvel Loch processing plant with a capacity of 1Mt p.a.

Energetics supports Minjar Gold’s environmental team in the preparation of its annual reports for the National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) and the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting scheme (NGER), which are legislated by the Federal Government. Energetics also assists with Minjar Gold’s environmental licence renewal and in liaising with the Clean Energy Regulator and the WA Department of Water and Environment Regulation.


Energetics was engaged to support Minjar Gold soon after it acquired the Southern Cross operation in early 2017. Minjar Gold is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner and a key part of this commitment is maintaining robust and transparent inventories which meet the reporting requirements for NPI and NGER. Minjar Gold uses Energetics’ proprietary combined reporting tool which was customised to include exploration, open cut and underground mining and ore processing. The tool includes features to simplify data collection and collation for Minjar Gold. A single dataset is used to compile both inventories and can be expanded to generate other reports. The tool integrates interactive dashboards that enable powerful interrogation of the data including visualising changes in the emission profile, operations and individual emission sources.

Energetics assists in compiling the inventory, providing ongoing advice and support including advising on reportable emission sources, data collation, reviewing and sense-checking data for accuracy and completeness, uploading the inventories to the relevant government portals, and liaising with the Clean Energy Regulator and the Department of Water and Environment Regulation as required.

With a focus on continuous improvement, Minjar Gold invited Energetics to visit their Southern Cross operations. Throughout the visit, we worked with staff to identify material emission sources, enhance our understanding of site operations and identify improvement opportunities.



The visit to Southern Cross gave Energetics a better understanding of the challenges faced by site personnel, and in working together with the environment team we were able to identify and enact improvement opportunities identified.

Minjar Gold also required an agile approach for its reporting due to frequent changes in its operations and facilities. Energetics represented Minjar Gold in discussions with the Department of Water and Environment Regulation resulting in simplified reporting requirements under the NPI for its Southern Cross operations.

Also, following our review of Minjar Gold’s diesel consumption data we identified an opportunity to improve the tracking of fuel usage, and assisted Minjar Gold to implement improved record keeping procedures which have resulted in fuel savings.

Our relationship with Minjar Gold continues to grow as we support the team with its compliance requirements and simplifying the reporting process. An example is the automation of the annual environmental licence fee calculations via the reporting tool. This will further streamline Minjar Gold’s reporting process and ensure greater consistency year to year.