Project: Climate Active certifications and carbon calculator development

Date: August 2021

Brickworks Building Products is an iconic Australian manufacturing business. With market leading brands across Australia and North America, their products include bricks, pavers, masonry blocks, retaining wall systems, precast concrete panels, concrete and terracotta roof tiles, timber products, terracotta façades and specialised building systems.

Brickworks has 11 clay brick and paver plants in Australia. In 2014, Energetics supported Brickworks to achieve carbon neutrality for the entire production of their Tasmanian plant. In 2020, Brickworks engaged Energetics again as they sought to expand their carbon neutral certification to cover the clay products produced at their other ten Australian sites.


A key tool in facilitating opt-in carbon neutrality of the entire range of Australian made clay bricks and pavers was a fit-for-purpose carbon calculator developed by Energetics. The calculator determines the emissions generated during the entire life cycle of bricks: from extraction of clay to end-of-life disposal. The calculator allows Brickworks to accurately identify the overall emissions generated from the life cycle of any given brick type and for the exact quantity of bricks supplied.

The calculator aligns with Brickworks’ NGER reporting and production data, and automatically connects this data to upstream and downstream value chain processes. It is easy to use and maintain, resulting in a more streamlined process. The bespoke carbon calculator is a key tool in the ‘Brickworks Carbon Offsetting Program’, a new offering to customers. This Program allows select customers and projects to choose the quantity and type of carbon neutral bricks, with Brickworks offsetting the associated emissions by purchasing carbon credits. This opt-in program has been implemented across Australia, providing designers with a large range of locally-made products to choose from when delivering low-carbon buildings.


Brickworks is Australia’s first brick and paver manufacturer to achieve not just one – but two – important Climate Active Product Certifications. The first certification was achieved in 2014, for Austral Bricks Longford in Tasmania and the second in 2021 following their industry-first, carbon neutral opt-in program that has been rolled out across all of their Australian brick and paver production sites.

These certifications have allowed Brickworks to use their carbon neutral products to engage with their customers and encourage more sustainable solutions and projects.

Energetics congratulates Brickworks on this achievement. Our Climate Active registered consultants are proud to have supported them in their sustainability journey over the years.