Henry Swisher

Position: Senior Manager
Specialises in: Energy and carbon markets

Henry is a senior member of Energetics’ energy and carbon markets team. With a background in renewable energy finance, policy, strategy and business case development, he understands the relative merits and downsides of different technologies, policies, economic incentives, and geographic considerations to develop optimal outcomes.

Henry has extensive experience modelling electricity markets and has used the insights gained from this experience to inform numerous feasibility studies and develop financial models for a wide variety of projects. These have included large-scale solar, wind, battery storage, geothermal, bioenergy, hydrogen, gas turbines, and transmission infrastructure. He also has an in-depth knowledge of hydrogen cost drivers and considerations for end-users. He presented on the use of hydrogen in rail freight at the AusRail conference in 2018 and has authored two papers focused on improving hydrogen sustainability and cost-competitiveness.