Brendan Young

Position: Manager

Brendan is a Manager who leads the Brisbane team with a particular focus on decarbonisation and solar and battery storage. He has extensive experience in the implementation of community based microgrids and 18 years of experience within the electrical industry. Brendan has dedicated the last 11 years delivering electrical and renewable energy projects, facilitating the roles as a developer, contractor, and consultant. His experiences include leading negotiations involving a provisional step partnership with local government exploring the development of a community battery scheme, Company Director achieving NQ regional partner with Top ASX100 energy retailer overseeing sales and installation of DERs systems.

Brendan advises local, state and federal government and some of Australia’s largest energy users on decarbonisation strategies. Brendan is the project director for the Department of Defence – Defence’s Renewable Energy Program, overseeing large renewable energy solar microgrids and battery storage projects.