Providing Australian business and government with independent analysis and advice for more than 30 years

Author Tony Cooper

Date May 2016

Energetics is an independent management consulting firm. We pride ourselves on that fact that we are not aligned to any political party or ideology. We have, and continue to undertake work for both Liberal and Labor state and federal governments, who value the independence of our analysis and advice.

Recently the Department of the Environment released modelling developed by Energetics on the emissions reduction opportunities across the economy through to 2030.  

We undertook a 'bottom-up' analysis and reviewed the potential of all sectors of the Australian economy to reduce emissions. We identified opportunities from smart housing design, low carbon precincts, digital infrastructure, increased uptake of battery storage and electric vehicles, improvements to manufacturing processes and improved agricultural practices.

There is a clear task - and not an easy task - for the current suite of government policies to deliver these abatement opportunities. We didn’t go further and model these policies to provide a view as to how they could do this. 

I am very proud of the work we did in the abatement modelling report. I am very proud of the team who wrote the report and I am especially proud of Energetics’ integrity and independence. 

We do not disclose our individual consultants’ personal party affiliations in our reports as this has no impact on the independent, critical analysis that they contain.

Energetics has a well-established review process to ensure the veracity of our work. More than 25 consultants contributed to the development of the abatement report, 12 of whom were Principal Consultants/Associates. The most senior reviewer was Dr Mary Stewart who is Energetics’ General Manager of Consulting. The results are a reflection of our shared expertise, not the opinions of a single person.

Energetics is made up of people from all different walks of life and political persuasions. It is one of our greatest strengths. Our diversity underpins our reputation for expertise founded on technically robust analysis, experience gained from consulting across all sectors of the Australian economy, and market leading insights. 

That’s why we have been recognised as Best Niche Firm at the Australian Financial Review’s Client Choice awards this year, and have won many awards over the years across different aspects of service.