September 2017
September 2017

Last night Energetics’ attended the GRESB 2017 results announcement. GRESB or Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark assesses the sustainability performance of real asset sector portfolios and assets in public, private and direct sectors worldwide.

Congratulations to all of our clients for their achievements this year! We’re especially proud of QIC Global Real Estate who achieved an improved score across all funds reported for the third year running. Energetics has worked closely with QIC since 2015 to improve their sustainability performance and disclosure.

Last night Lend Lease hosted the GRESB results launch function and were revealed as the global leaders for Private – Office funds. We had the chance to catch up with Energetics’ alumnus, Rob Sims, who had an amazing result with Dexus which was announced as global leader in the Diversified – Retail/Office category and Australia/NZ leader for Listed – Office.

Some points of interest from the GRESB results that were revealed at the launch:

  • Australia/NZ continues to outperform the rest of the world. Our region’s average GRESB score was 73/100 versus the global average of 63.
  • A survey of investor members carried out during the year showed that 94% of investors use GRESB data in their investment process. Transparency was valued above performance by most investor members; however 35% do set GRESB performance targets as part of their investment process.
  • The GRESB results included an analysis of where the real estate sector sits with regards to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Target 7.3 for energy efficiency. The conclusion was that the sector should make an important contribution to achieving the target.
  • The guest presentation by Joanne Saleeba from HESTA reinforced what we have already observed – long term concern for sustainability goes hand-in-hand with superannuation funds which are all about the future well-being of members.

To learn more about GRESB you can read our article “Not just another reporting task, GRESB is a climate risk management framework”.

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