Building back better

Global and local calls for a COVID-19 recovery to be tied to investments in climate action and resilience

Author Dr Mary Stewart

Date June 2020

In this article, I provide updates from domestic and global forums that are promoting discussion and seeking to find pathways to ensure that the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic is one that features climate action and resilience as a core strategy.

There is clear momentum behind the calls to ‘build back better’. As a business observer to the UNFCCC’s Technology Executive Committee, below are insights from the UNFCCC’s June Momentum Initiative which seeks to progress global climate action under the Paris Agreement, despite the challenges of not being able to hold face to face meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I also highlight the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s recently launched report, Modernizing governance: ESG challenges and recommendations for corporate directors, and share developments here in Australia.

I will share further insights as I follow key sessions, and I will comment via Twitter. So please look out for updates and feel free to raise questions.