Knowledge centres

Energetics has some of Australia’s leading commentators on climate and energy policies and the roles that different sectors of the economy can, and should play, in meeting our 2030 climate target. For businesses seeking to understand the risks they need to manage and the opportunities in the emerging clean energy economy, our Knowledge Centres provide an invaluable resource.

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    Climate Solutions Fund (formerly ERF) Information Centre

    The centrepiece of Direct Action is the ERF. In the design phase of this policy, Energetics provided technical advice and later wrote a number of the project methodologies. Key features of the ERF and advice for different sectors can be found in this…

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    Energy Productivity Information Centre

    At a time of high energy prices and market volatility, ensuring that maximum value is extracted from every dollar spent on energy has never been more important. Measures that improve a business' energy productivity also offer some of the lowest cost…