Pathways to net zero

Achieving net zero emissions by 2050 will be critical to limiting global average temperature increases and preventing dangerous climate change.

Energetics develops emissions reduction strategies for large, complex, multi-state businesses. We identify opportunities and build customised tools that consider factors such as business, sector and economic growth forecasts and the rate of decarbonisation of Australia’s electricity grid.

We support decision-makers to understand how a net zero ambition fits into the overall business strategy. Energetics’ services for net-zero pathways include:

  • Identifying reduction pathways from an emissions footprint
  • Forecasting emissions trajectories against Paris objectives
  • Implementation of reduction opportunities, with corporate renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs) forming the largest single opportunity to reduce emissions. PPAs at 100% of load also support a RE100 (100% renewable) target.

Energetics is also an early collaborator in CSIRO's national mission 'Towards net zero'.

A planned, cost effective approach

Energetics’ approach draws on our expertise and experience in strategy, markets, procurement and technology to help our clients understand the implications of a transition to net-zero emissions. Energy cost projections can include forecasts for retail energy costs, network charges, environmental charges and renewable energy certificates, if applicable. 

As part of our strategy development we create a work program which leverages the expertise of the Energetics team and is sequenced in a manner which will enable the work to be completed efficiently. Our teams work collaboratively to develop insights based on understanding our clients’ systems and our deep technical and commercial expertise in energy management and renewable energy.


Podcast: The pursuit of net zero emissions – developments in energy technologies

At a time when energy markets are changing and business commitments to decarbonise are growing, Jarrod Leak (CEO, A2EP) and Roger Horwood discuss developments in energy technologies that support electrification, demand management, bio energy sources and, increasingly, hydrogen and decentralised manufacturing. Listen to the full podcast below.


Podcast: Insights and advice on SBTs versus net zero emissions goals

More and more businesses are pursuing emissions reductions. In this podcast we demystify the process of target setting. Energetics’ experts discuss what they have seen when supporting clients to determine the type of target and the framework to be used, the need to align to business strategy, the importance of transparency and the use of offsets. Listen to the full podcast below or read the summary article.


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