Climate Solutions Fund Information Centre

The centrepiece of the Government's climate policy is the Climate Solutions Package.  Announced 5 March 2019, the Package features a $2 billion top-up and expansion of the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) over 10 years from 2020, rebadged as the 'Climate Solutions Fund'

Key points around the Fund's operation include:

  • Incentives are payable for emissions reduction activities which come from the Government's consolidated revenues
  • The Fund uses the existing National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) scheme to measure overall company carbon emissions
  • Businesses that reduce their emissions below their baseline will be able to sell their CO2 emissions reduction to the Government
  • A reverse auction operates to purchase abatement at the lowest cost per tonne.


  • an-overview-of-the-coalition-s-direct-action-planpng
    An overview of the Coalition’s Direct Action plan
    Issued: April 2014

    The ‘Direct Action plan’ was prepared for the 2010 Federal election to outline the broad principles that a Coalition Government would follow in the development of programs to reduce Australia’s CO2 emissions by 5% by 2020. At the centre of the Plan is the Emissions Reduction Fund that allows industry to sell carbon abatement back to the Government.

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