Climate Change Facts Centre

The facts on climate change: definitive sources, Q&A

When Australia’s bush fire emergency unfolded amidst days of record high temperatures, the unprecedented scale of the destruction quickly saw positions taken on the causes of the disaster and the role of climate change. Against the backdrop of Australia’s bitter ‘climate wars’ which have raged for more than a decade, speculation and misinformation have been rife across communities, news and social media channels. 

For businesses seeking to understand how their risks are changing, the CSIRO, the Bureau of Meteorology and the Australian Academy of Science are trusted sources of facts and analysis, together with scientific research bodies such as the Centre for Climate Extremes and the National Environmental Science Programme Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub, as well as a number of state-focussed research institutions.

Energetics uses these sources extensively. In this knowledge centre we share our list of information sources, and a short Q&A using these references.

Climate science - information sources


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