BCSD Australia webinar

COP24: Is a just energy transition ahead?

Date: 21 November 2018 - 5:00PM

Venue: Webinar

Fees: FREE

Following the adoption in 2015 of the Paris Agreement and the increased climate action by business, cities, and NGOs, major progress has been made on the path towards achieving the global climate objectives. 

2018 is the year when countries are to agree on the Rulebook that will underpin country ambition, action and accountability under the Paris Agreement. But geopolitical headwinds have signaled confused and, an in some cases, stalled national action. So at the upcoming international climate gathering, COP24 has significant issues to resolve. 

Now with the UNFCCC COP24 less than a month away, BCSD Australia talks to international and Australian experts about their views on the issues and possible outcomes from this important round of the global climate negotiations.

Hear from experts:

- Mary Stewart, Energetics
- Tristan Edis, Director, Green Energy Markets
- Anthony Hobley, CEO, Carbon Tracker Initiative
- Michael O'Sullivan, Special Adviser to the COP23 Presidency
- Karl Vella, World Business Council for Sustainable Development

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