Our Corporate Social Responsibility

As a team of passionate, committed climate change and energy management professionals advising some of Australia's largest companies, we believe in 'walking the talk'.  In keeping with our values, Energetics has been carbon neutral since June 2008, published sustainability reports in line with Global Reporting Initiative guidelines and supported a number of community causes. 

  • csr-sustainability

    Our approach to sustainability

    Sustainability has been a part of the culture of Energetics from the time we opened our doors for business 35 years ago. Our people are passionate about identifying and managing the risks associated with climate change, reducing industry’s greenhouse…

  • csr-people

    Our people

    Energetics is committed to creating a safe and stimulating workplace. We have developed employee programs and human resource policies to ensure that embrace diversity, wellbeing, learning and development, and flexible working arrangements. Energetics…

  • csr-environment

    Our environment

    Energetics has always aspired to have a positive impact on the environment. We collect, record and publish our environmental performance, including our energy, water and waste usage in our biennial sustainability reports. We are committed to redu…

  • csr-community

    Our community

    We encourage Energetics’ people to actively participate in community fundraising initiatives. To support this, we allocate each employee two days personal development time. Examples where this time has been used include blood donation, the 'Dress for…