Electricity, gas and fuel procurement

As energy costs rise and uncertainty around carbon pricing continues, it is more important than ever to get value for money through a strategic, planned approach to energy procurement.  Our experts can advise on the best time to enter into a contract negotiation, strategies for managing market and regulated costs, and ways to optimise your contracting approach and duration to mitigate market risk.

Energetics maintains independent and ethical relationships with retailers, regulators and local network service providers.  We can help your business in a number of ways:

  • Insights as Energetics’ energy procurement experts continuously analyse market conditions trends and available risk management products to provide a range of electricity, gas, fuel and metering options

  • Negotiating with electricity, natural gas, fuel and LPG suppliers to ensure clients secure the most competitive price, manage risk and achieve long-term strategic objectives

  • Tendering and request-for-proposal process management, including releasing 'request for proposal' documents to market and managing energy retailers proposals

  • Long-run energy price forecasting to assist with contract timing and ongoing cost minimisation decisions

  • Benchmarking to verify existing contracts are meeting expectations and comparing energy costs on a site-by-site basis to identify potential energy and cost saving opportunities. Benchmarking can identify lower tariffs and billing errors, or provide a better understanding of budget impacts

  • Understanding potential carbon pass-through liabilities from energy contracts as well as across your business as a whole, through your supply chain

  • Tracking and monitoring pool, contract and forward market pricing across all states.

  • Budgeting and cashflow management using our market knowledge Energetics can develop energy budget models customised to your business to help manage cash flow at all supply points and over various timeframes . Our robust models can be configured for centralised or decentralised budget management and can allow for ‘what if’ scenario development through user determined input parameters.