There are a number of benefits to developing or revisiting your energy and carbon strategy now.

  • There is an emerging focus on the role energy management plays in delivering multi-factor benefits to business.  Energy productivity is one of the three major themes in the Government's Energy White Paper.   

  • Controlling energy costs could assist in securing a consistently better rate of return than your competitors

  • Energy and carbon costs effect your customers or suppliers

  • Concerns about the future cost of energy and carbon and uncertainty about how energy and carbon markets may impact your organisation

  • You may already have an energy / carbon strategy, but are experiencing implementation difficulties

Energetics’ team of technical, commercial and policy experts understand the value drivers of your strategy. We undertake robust qualitative and quantitative analysis of the market, regulatory drivers and internal organisational performance to inform strategy and planning processes.

Our analysis provides an independent perspective on untapped opportunities. We assist you in optimising resource allocation, whether your priority is:

  • risk mitigation

  • enhancing your energy competitiveness

  • using your resource efficiency credentials to differentiate from your competition.

Energetics uses robust estimation and business case methodologies, refined through 30 years of working with clients. We can help you develop business cases that from the outset, consider the need for measurement and verification of benefits.

Energetics’ proprietary risk management frameworks appropriate for each technology type and financing solution has been honed over many years of practical experience delivering energy and water efficiency, as well as a range of renewable and low emissions energy supply solutions.  This has enabled Energetics to facilitate the implementation of large scale, complex programs.

Working collaboratively, we can assist you to develop clear and practical implementation pathways to achieve your energy and carbon management goals.

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Qantas saves millions with Energetics’ first class utility management services

For almost ten years, Energetics has supported Qantas' programs across its Environmental Priority Areas which aim to lower greenhouse gas emissions and achieve efficiencies in utility and resource management.