Energetics helps clients overcome barriers to implementing energy and emissions reduction projects. We structure solutions that fit your financial restrictions and meet your risk management requirements.

Business case development and financial modelling

Our business cases ensure projects are well designed and suited to your needs. Our framework is shown in this diagram:





Our business cases are based on detailed financial analysis, which includes:

  • Whole of life modelling

  • Ownership / procurement options

  • Sensitivity analysis and risk quantification

Financing options

We assess many financing options, including:

  • Capital and operating leases

  • Energy Performance Contracts

  • On-bill financing

  • Environment Upgrade Agreements

  • Power Purchase Agreements

  • Energy service agreements

  • Grant funding

  • Self-financing

We consider:

  • Balance sheet impacts

  • Repayment structures

  • Performance guarantees and risk allocation

  • Scope of services

  • Asset ownership

Contract management

Energetics assists with contract negotiation and management of contractual requirements.

We ensure clauses appropriately allocate risks and rewards and provide sufficient assurance that energy cost reductions will be achieved.

We provide Measurement and Verification services to confirm projects achieve expected savings and contract requirements are met.

Are there projects that will reduce your energy costs and emissions?

Contact one of our experts to discuss how to implement your projects.