Building energy and sustainability management skills and systems

Drawing upon our 30 years of expertise and experience in energy and sustainability management, Energetics has developed a methodology for helping our clients to build those capabilities in-house.   Spanning skills development, systems improvement and decision making frameworks, we bring together key people within your business in a collaborative, interactive learning environment. 

Building energy and sustainability skills begins with an understanding of the current maturity of your business’ response to the sustainability issues that impact your industry. Benchmarking your systems against the standards that are most meaningful to your business also forms an important component of the assessment.  These standards may be GRI, ISO, industry and or internal corporate standards.

When business goals are clear and the system improvement requirements defined, skills development follows. Skills workshops in planning, identification, assessment and business case development are configured to meet the business needs. Tools and guides are produced, improvements to systems are periodically measured against agreed benchmarks, and other supporting communication strategies are also considered.

Our approach allows your business to do the following:

  • Ensure that responsibilities for energy and sustainability management are shared.

  • Develop policies that are followed and integrated into company systems and processes.

  • Learn how to develop and implement energy and sustainability opportunities.

  • Develop an effective methodology for setting targets or conducting reviews.

  • Conduct audits with greater ease as the workshops consider how they may be systematised and in some cases undertaken internally after the right skills training and access to suitable tools.

  • Engage management to lift their understanding and therefore help in identifying cost savings opportunities.

  • Identify any gaps in systems and reporting to mandatory or voluntary programs, or for the purposes of Board reports.

  • Develop the culture and communication processes that will help all staff understand the role they can play in energy and sustainability initiatives across the organisation.