Mandatory and voluntary reporting that delivers business benefits

Energetics works with the majority of the ASX200 companies assisting them with the development and submission of all energy and carbon related mandatory and voluntary reports. This includes NGER, NPI, CDP, GRI, DJSI and other programs. We develop inventories and reporting protocols that comply with these schemes, help companies to prepare for audit by conducting pre-audit reviews and we also conduct formal audits. We provide significant input to the development of national and international programs.  We understand the intent of the programs and how to prioritise your response.

Energetics has been working with energy and carbon information for 30 years. We understand how data is generated on site, the processes and databases you need to manage this data and your information flows. We have delivered extensive inventories for all sectors of the economy and understand the complexity and technical basis behind the reporting of different emission sources and energy types, including higher order methods and uncertainty assessments under NGER.

Benefits to business go beyond simply compliant reporting under the individual programs:

  • We work with you to develop reporting protocols which align with your business processes and leverage your information sets to best effect.

  • We can establish meaningful energy and carbon KPIs that feed into your existing internal management reports, allowing early identification of problems through variances or tracking against targets.

  • We can support the delivery of NGER, NPI, CDP, and sustainability reports using the same data set with minimal additional effort. Having a single, consistent data set in the public domain reduces reputational risk – people will question the quality of the information when material differences are observed from program to program.

  • Our reporting tools can incorporate the ability to identify and trace the source of year-on-year variance and data gaps.

  • Energetics can also help you develop a robust and transparent audit trail to provide confidence in an audit that involves the least disruption to your people and a positive audit result.

Our experts work with you to build information sets as efficiently and effectively as possible, at the same time delivering information of sufficient quality to support informed business decisions.