Using our expertise in energy and carbon management, our data services support the work of a number of functions within a business.

Sustainability managers

Our data stewardship services include validating data against contract rates, published tariffs and historical patterns and ensuring a complete data set for NGER reporting.  We conduct regular internal data audits to ensure data is ready for reporting and external auditing.

Energy managers and facility professionals

We ensure you have trusted data for reporting, benchmarking and measuring savings via standard bill validation and data stewardship. You can use this data for:

  • Energy opportunity management – identifies opportunities for energy efficiency improvements and makes recommendations

  • Quarterly energy review - examine consumption trends, the progress of energy savings opportunities and savings achieved

  • Portfolio benchmarking and reporting – classifies properties to establish benchmarking and on-going reporting

  • Energy Advisor - ongoing guidance and support to address alerts and guide issues towards resolution

  • Asset modelling for temperature-corrected data – builds consumption models against multiple variables including temperature or production volumes for intelligent alerting or measurement and verification

  • Temperature corrected alerting and reporting - focuses on variations due to controllable factors such as equipment failures, maintenance events and unusual out of hours consumption.

Budget owners and CFOs

Energetics helps you avoid unnecessary overpayment for energy and utilities and achieve peace of mind through energy cost management:

  • Bill validation – we ensure accuracy and alignment with energy contracts

  • Tariff reviews – our staff monitor and review consumption patterns to identify opportunities across your portfolio for retail and network tariff optimisation

  • Resolving billing issues and realising savings from suppliers – we contact suppliers to resolve issues and organise to have bills re-issued as necessary. We have processed millions of energy and utility supplier invoices over the past 10+ years working with almost every Australian energy retailer

  • Payment optimisation – Energetics provides advice which allows you to optimise cash flow by identifying errors

  • Bill payment file – we validate bills and resolve supplier issues; include on a “good-to-pay” file delivered in a variety of formats for automatic upload into almost any accounts payable system

  • Reduce late payment fees and shut-off notices – we process invoices in systematic, timely way to significantly reduce late payment fees.  Our  specialists can re-negotiate extended terms

  • Savings report - savings reports are produced that summarise savings from billing errors, tariff optimisation and energy opportunities

  • Monthly Financial Accrual Report - a monthly accrual file is generated estimating value of bills not received but for which energy has been consumed to give accounts payable teams an accurate forecast of the invoice amounts expected.