Securing cost effective project financing solutions

Energetics provides a range of independent technical and commercial advisory services for assessing and implementing new distributed energy generation systems and improving the performance of existing installations for residential, industrial and commercial customers. Our experience spans embedded generators, cogeneration and trigeneration systems, including precinct-level applications, as well as solar photovoltaic and thermal systems.

Energetics has a long track record of getting distributed energy generation projects across the line and implemented. We bring to the table a combination of technical expertise, energy and green certificates markets know-how, business analytics, and in-depth knowledge of financing options to support such projects.

Energetics advises end-users, government, utilities and technology developers through:

  • Technical pre-feasibility and feasibility studies to provide insight into the most attractive technological option and generation capacity. This includes the development of thorough total cost estimates and the application of robust economic evaluation methods.

  • Our knowledge of the regulatory framework to assess costs and obligations of embedded generation systems interacting with networks.

  • Integration studies examining network connection, reliability of energy supply, energy storage options and energy tariff structure.

  • Compelling business cases including a robust benefits realisation strategy. This is supported by expert energy savings and revenue forecasts.

  • Risk management reviews including modelling of investment uncertainties, risks and evaluation of asset ownership, financing mechanisms as well as procurement options.

  • Negotiation of commercial arrangements including performance guarantees and power off-take agreements.

  • Development and implementation of a continuous improvement approach to operation and maintenance to reduce operating costs and maximise energy generation and revenue performance.