For 30 years we have saved companies millions of dollars through the identification, development and implementation of energy efficiency programs and projects.

Delivering energy efficiency programs and projects is core business for Energetics. Our approach is pragmatic and intent on delivering quality analysis, smooth implementation and ongoing business benefits. We utilise your existing business systems and management processes where relevant, and offer innovative solutions that we know have succeeded elsewhere in your industry sector.  We develop programs that meet regulatory requirements and deliver valuable outcomes. Our approach is collaborative, and we will build capacity in your company to ensure that energy management becomes one aspect of your management systems, ensuring that improvements made in energy efficiency are sustained for years to come.

Our collaborative approach brings together your people as the site experts and our consultants as the energy experts. Together we select and evaluate the projects most likely to deliver real energy intensity reductions and cost savings.

Energetics was the largest single provider of EEO-related services to EEO program participants before the closure of the program. Over the life of EEO we assisted more than 50 companies with the development of their assessment plans, implementation of programs and reporting requirements. 

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