Water and waste

'Flush with power': Channel 7 news profiles Sydney Water's Renewable Energy Generation (REG) Program. Mike Jones, Energetics Principal Consultant explains the renewable energy generation process. View news clip.

Channel 7 news
It is essential that companies understand and analyse these operational impacts and look for opportunities to improve their bottom line through operational and energy efficiency improvements.  

How can Energetics help?

Energetics works with water utilities to assist them manage their energy costs and reducing their energy and carbon costs.

We can help you navigate industry-wide challenges through:

  • monitoring your sites energy consumption and tracking and reporting on performance

  • understanding your electricity costs with increasing pressure on pricing

  • reviewing your Electricity procurement options and optimisation of current site costs

  • registration, creation and reporting of green commodities generated through renewable projects

  • assessment of the feasibility and the development of business cases for renewables such as bio-gas cogeneration

  • load shifting studies and demand management programs

  • compliance in reporting such as the Energy Efficiency Opportunities Program and Carbon reporting

  • site energy efficiency assessments and moving sites towards best practice 

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