Energetics brings a life cycle thinking approach to our consulting work which is particularly important for long term infrastructure assets.

We typically focus on:

  • Supporting government with the development of policy, programs, targets and reporting processes

  • Advising developers and financiers on cost effective energy management in the construction and operational phases

  • Providing strategic energy and carbon market advice

  • Helping clients make informed design and materials choices to reduce the embodied energy and emissions profile of projects

  • Undertaking Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) at various design stages

  • Assisting asset owners with implementing energy and emissions reduction projects

  • Advising financiers and investors on energy, carbon and sustainability issues

  • Assessing both the physical and financial impacts of climate change

Our advisory services in the infrastructure sector are complemented by our work in the industrial sector where we assist the supply chain in key areas such steel, cement and concrete. 

Services across the project life cycle