The power of green branding - Are your customers "KeentoBgreen"?

01 Dec 2007Archived News Energetics in the News

PUBLISHED: Greenhouse Challenge Plus Awards Programme - Energetics Pty Ltd in partnership with Rapelle Pty Ltd is enabling businesses to promote their 'green' initiatives cost effectively under the banner "KeentoBgreen".

New ImageIn recognizing the power of ‘green’ products and services, Sydney-based strategic marketing consultancy Rapelle Pty Ltd, a new member of Greenhouse Challenge Plus, has established a joint venture with two other members – Energetics an Australian energy and greenhouse consultancy and Performance, a division of Group M, Australia’s largest media group.

The aim of the joint venture is to enable businesses to promote their ‘green’ initiatives cost-effectively under the banner “KeentoBgreen”.

The segment “KeentoBgreen” is being introduced as the green component of the established ‘how to’ television show DO it TV, broadcast nationally on the Nine Network and also aired on Foxtel. The format gives sponsors the opportunity to have their story told during an entertaining and informative 2.5 minute segment. Each segment will illustrate two primary benefits – ‘saving you money’ and ‘saving our planet’.

Rapelle will act as liaison between the sponsor and TV channel. Energetics will assist in authenticating content to ensure accuracy. Performance will manage production of the segments with the producers of DO It TV.

Michael Dawes, Managing Director of Performance said, “KeentoBgreen” will be informative and entertaining, similar in style to Better Homes and Gardens on which I was the executive producer for 10 years. We know that viewers love their homes, they enjoy lifestyle television and they want to make green choices. But we also know that preaching, finger wagging and guilt trips don’t work.

‘Better Homes and Gardens is still popular after 13 years on television because viewers gain useful tips that they can put into effect easily and we will do the same with “KeentoBgreen”.’

In addition to the television show, businesses will be offered the opportunity to present their products in a 60, 30 or 15 second KeentoBgreen branded infomercial which can be placed on free-to-air or pay tv. The venture is well placed to offer potential sponsors a unique service. Existing companies produce branded infomercials with celebrity presenters bit require the sponsor to arrange their own media placement, the partners say. ‘We are a one-stop shop that can produce the commercial and buy the air time at our volume discounted rates as part of Group M, the largest media buyer in Australia,’ Mr Dawes said.

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