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New Innovative Approach for Sydney Water's Every Drop Counts Program.

New Innovative Approach for Sydney Water's Every Drop Counts Program In order to ensure a sustainable water supply for the Sydney Region, Sydney Water has embarked on a long-term program to assist its industrial, commercial and public sector customers to achieve best practice in water management. The program is known as the Every Drop Counts Business Program.

The traditional approach to water management within business has been to carry out periodic water audits (see diagram below). The Water Conservation and Recycling Team at Sydney Water have found that the traditional audit approach does not lead to sustainable water or cost savings.

"Our approach is to encourage customers to incorporate water efficiency into their existing management systems, rather than looking for purely technical solutions," says Mohan Seneviratne, Manager of the Every Drop Counts Business team. "Through the Every Drop Counts program we aim to build co-operative partnerships with our business customers so that together we can work towards a sustainable reduction in water consumption, reduce our customers' costs and increase their profile as a socially responsible business."

The product that underpins the Every Drop Counts Business program is known as One-2-Five Water. One-2-Five Water is a diagnostic tool that has been developed by Energetics in conjunction with Sydney Water. Its methodology is based on the internationally recognised One-2-Five Energy, which addresses energy management as a business management issue, rather than only a technical engineering issue. One-2-Five Water provides customers with a structured framework to evaluate their current water management practices and policies, and identify and prioritise actions for improvement.

"Using the results of the One-2-Five Water diagnostic we are able to assist our customers in developing an effective water management improvement plan for their business. We can also offer the assistance in implementing the improvement plan." Mr Mohan Seneviratne, Manager of the Every Drop Counts Business team.

This assistance includes:

  • Producing a water consumption profile for your business
  • Providing a discount when purchasing water sub-meters
  • Providing co-funding for water audits, where necessary
  • Providing on-line monitoring of water use within your business to allow real time assessment
  • Providing industry best practice guidelines for benchmarking
  • Assisting with Research and Development projects
  • Supplying communication resources to promote water conservation amongst your employees
  • And much more

The final and often overlooked step in continuously improving water management is to regularly review your performance. This can be done in two ways.The first is to review actual water consumption to ensure savings have been achieved and are sustained over time. The second is to revisit One-2-Five Water, which will identify a new set ofactions for implementation.

Customers are enthusiastic about Sydney Water's new program.

"One-2-Five®Water provided a simple technique for identifying the missing elements of our approach to date regarding our management of water. The commitment to work with Sydney Water in the Every Drop Counts program ensures that action will be taken to exploit the opportunities."
Mr Stuart Harman, Operations Manager, Luxfer Gas Cylinders.

For more information regarding the Every Drop Counts Business Program contact Sydney Water


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