Solar power plan a first

16 Mar 2010Archived News Energetics in the News

PUBLISHED: The West Australian; Energetics research on solar systems is mentioned in relation to a offer from Commodore Homes.

As the push towards environmentally conscious design continues in the home-building sector, Commodore Homes has taken the industry-leading step of offering a solar power system as an inclusion in all new homes in its standard range, and as an optional extra on its off-the-plan and promotional homes. The other home builders within the BGC group - Impressions, Homestart, WA Housing Centre and National Homes - will also begin offering the systems as an option with every new home sold. The solar power, or photovoltaic (PV), systems will be supplied by retail energy solutions company Mysolar. The systems work by first using any electricity produced in the home, before feeding excess output into the main grid. The PV systems contain an inverter to convert the collected energy to a 240-volt, alternating current, which matches Synergys electricity grid power supply and can be used in the home to run standard electrical equipment. Mysolar manager Nikky Carter said that the offer would help homeowners to future-proof their homes, add value to their investment and save both energy and money. Studies conducted by greenhouse consultants Energetics suggest that a 1.5kW solar power system can save around $450 annually on energy costs - close to half the average household usage. The offer would help future- proof their homes and save both energy and money. Contact details: 9214 1100 or

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