Redland Businesses Eco-Investing

01 Dec 2004Archived News Energetics in the News

PUBLISHED: Local Government Focus Newspaper, by Meg Webster, Energetics Pty Ltd. 

On 11 November, Redland Shire Council launched an innovative economic development initiative called ecoBiz (developed by the Queensland EPA). 7 local businesses are participating in the project, aimed at reducing water and energy consumption, and, waste stream production.

Redland Mayor Don Seccombe said to the 7 participating businesses, "It's inspiring to see the amount of support shown by the local business community for such programs as ecoBiz. You should feel proud to be part of this innovative project that will place your businesses as proactive role models for others in the Redland community to be encouraged by. The program will also have positive outcomes for the Council, by helping us to meet our requirements under the Local Greenhouse Action Plan (Cities for Climate Protection - CCPTM program)."

Redland Council has employed Energetics (an energy and environmental consultancy) to provide consultancy support throughout the project.

Tony Cooper, Managing Partner for Energetics, said, "It's great to see Redland Council working so proactively with their local business community on eco-efficiency. We are proud to be a partner in this exciting eco-efficiency program and pleased to announce the release of our new eco-efficiency management tool 'Eco AchieverTM' as an integral part of the project."

John Mickel, Minister for Energy, opened the event and said, "Queensland's growing population and expanding economy is placing increased pressure on our resources and that means the community, including industry, needs to change its habits when it comes to water and energy use."

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