P&O sails into savings

01 Apr 1999Archived News Energetics in the News


P&O Australia's Port Botany container terminal has introduced changes that are set to save the company more than $70,000 a year.

Its 20 rubber-tyred gantries - the mobile cranes used to move containers between stacks, trucks and wharf cranes - have had their shutdown timers adjusted and engine cooling mechanisms relocated. Attracting an amazing internal rate of return of 928%, the RTGs' diesel engines were set to shut down after 15 mins of idling, instead of the previous 45 mins.

With an annual potential saving of $46,400 and 231 tonnes of CO2, it was not bad for a $55,000 investment.

Moving the engine-cooling intake outside the engine compartment made further savings. The engine compartment often reached around 60 degrees C, with engine efficiency falling about 2% for every 11degrees C above 50 degrees C. But by moving the intake outside and installing a cheaper filter, 107 tonnes of CO2 savings will be made each year and the filter replacement costs have been cut dramatically.

At a cost of $35,000, about $27,900 will be save annually, with an 80% internal rate of return. To top it off, these relatively minor improvements are set to save a combined total of 338 tonnes of GHGs each year.

P&O Australia undertook the project as part of the SEDA's Energy Smart Businesses program, assisted by Energetics.

  • Energy Manager No 55, page 3
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