OneSteel receives Energy Efficiency Award

26 Oct 2010Archived News Energetics in the News

OneSteel's Oil & Gas operations at Kembla Grange has been acknowledged for its commitment to improving energy efficiency,with NSW Minister for Energy, Kim Yeadon presenting OneSteel with the SEDA Green Globe Silver Award overnight. 

Since joining the NSW Government Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA)Energy Smart Business program in 1999,OneSteel has reduced its green house gas emissions by 900 tonnes and saved around $52,000.

According to Michael Bosnich of Energetics, OneSteel's SEDA partner,the company's carbon dioxide savings are equivalent to the planting of around 900 trees or permanently removing 200 cars from the road.

"Under the SEDA Energy Smart Business program,businesses like OneSteel are offered technical support to achieve a goal of improving energy efficiency by 20%within five years."

"In two years,OneSteel's Oil &Gas plant at Kembla Grange has come half way to reaching that goal,which is a great effort."

The energy efficient projects undertaken at the site include:

  • Internal and external lighting controls.
  • Installing an interlock between the oil pumps and the cooling towers.
  • Reducing the gap between the annealing bar and pipe.
  • Reducing compressed air leakage
  • Activation of Energy StarĂ‚® on-site computers.

OneSteel is one of Australia's leading manufacturers of large steel pipe. The company recently secured the $100 million contract to supply pipe for the Tasmanian Natural Gas Pipeline, Australia's longest subsea pipeline project.

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